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The difference between medical masks and activated carbon masks

2021-10-16 11:12:14 0次浏览

There are many types of masks on the market. Common ones are medical masks, cotton masks, activated carbon masks, dust masks, etc. Today, Anqing Sankang Medical Technology will analyze the difference between medical masks and activated carbon masks and provide reference opinions for consumers to buy masks.

1. Medical masks

Medical masks are medical protective textiles made of one or more layers of non-woven fabrics. They have a good filtering effect of bacteria and viruses, and are breathable and comfortable. Medical masks can be used in haze weather and flu season; when the haze is severe, two medical masks can be worn at a time to increase their sealing and protective effects.

When choosing a medical mask, the veneer of the mask should be relatively smooth or soft, and avoid buying masks that contain recycled materials or additives. Tear the open cover to see if there is a paper-like filter layer inside.

2. Activated carbon mask

Activated carbon masks are suitable for occasions containing organic gases, acidic volatiles, pesticides and other irritating gases. They have significant anti-virus and deodorizing effects, and can absorb peculiar smell, formaldehyde and slightly toxic gases. It is an ideal protective product for medical, chemical, spraying workshop, leather industry, and environmental sanitation units.

The activated carbon mask has a unique appearance design, and the nose clip can be bent to ensure that the mask fits the face. Foldable, easy to store, light in weight and easy to carry.

The quality of activated carbon masks on the market varies. You can cut off the used activated carbon mask, take out the black activated carbon layer, and burn the black particles falling off inside with a lighter. If there are no activated carbon particles or activated carbon fibers remaining, it is a counterfeit product. When wearing a mask, the black side must face outwards and it is forbidden to touch the mouth.

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