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How to distinguish genuine and fake masks

2021-10-16 11:02:59 0次浏览

As a necessity in life, masks play an important role in many occasions. So, do you know how to distinguish the authenticity of a mask? Today, Sankang Medical Technology will share with you some ways to distinguish true and false masks.

1. How to distinguish true and false medical surgical masks

The outer packaging of medical surgical masks will be marked with the words "disposable medical surgical masks" and the product registration number will be printed. We can log in to the China Food and Drug Administration website with a mobile phone, and enter the product registration number on the outer packaging of disposable masks through the medical device query function of the website. The query result shows that the product name is a medical surgical mask, which can be used with confidence. However, if the query result only shows a disposable non-woven mask, it can be judged as an ordinary mask.

2. How to distinguish the authenticity of N95 masks

N95 masks are medical protective-grade masks, so you must be careful when purchasing them. For details, please refer to the following points:

1. Smell the smell of N95 masks, high-quality N95 masks have no peculiar smell.

2. The color of the outer packaging of N95 masks is dark gray with a sense of transparency.

3. The digital serial number under the high-quality N95 mask is clearly printed and written neatly.

4. The protective label on a good N95 mask will be more detailed, and the shield LOGO will be more three-dimensional.

Three, distinguish the true and false methods of children's masks

Parents should not blindly choose N95 masks and medical surgical masks when choosing masks for their children. Because children’s lungs are relatively weak, children’s masks that are worn for a long time need to be "comfortable and ventilated." Although the N95 mask has high protective performance, it is not conducive to ventilation. Not a good choice for children's daily protection!

Pay attention to the following points when choosing children's masks:

1. Put the mask on your face with one side facing out, and check whether the non-woven fabric on the side facing the face is shiny and if there is any broken hair in a sunny place. If you find too much shredded hair and dullness, this kind of mask is made of unhygienic non-woven fabric.

2. Smell whether the mask has a peculiar smell, or if you feel your ears are tightened after putting on the ear-hanging type, these are unqualified masks.

3. Check whether the mask is soft, smooth and not rough. If the fabric is hard and rough, don't wear this kind of mask.

After reading these, have you learned some tips for recognizing masks? In addition, Sankang Medical Technology also reminds everyone to check carefully when choosing masks. In this way, the purchased products are more assured.