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Anqing Sankang Medical Technology Shares the Magical Uses of Disposable Masks (Part 2)

2021-10-19 09:47:22 0次浏览

In the last issue, Anqing Sankang Medical Technology shared the magical effects of disposable masks. Is it helpful to everyone? Today, the editor continues to share other magical uses of disposable masks.

Magical Uses of Disposable Masks Five

Use scissors to cut open the disposable mask and take out the metal strip inside. The metal strip is soft and not easy to break. It can be used to organize the data cable or earphone of the mobile phone. Just arrange the earphone cable and tie it with a metal strip. The earphone cable and data cable are stored neatly, not easy to fall apart, and are neat and beautiful.

There are often some bagged foods in life, such as snacks or some commonly used condiments in the kitchen. After opening the package for a long time, it will inevitably become damp and deteriorate, and then have to be thrown away, which wastes a lot of money. You can use the metal of a disposable mask. The strip is tied up so that it can be sealed again.

Magical Uses of Disposable Masks Six

Prepare a disposable mask, then cut off one end of the mask with scissors, and then unplug the thread of the disposable mask. Then put the soap in the disposable mask and seal the opening with a plastic strip. After that, open the toilet lid and put a disposable mask with soap on the water column. The mask floats with the water level, and the soap will emit a fragrance when it meets water, which can effectively remove peculiar smell and achieve the effect of automatic cleaning.

Magical Uses of Disposable Masks Seven

Use scissors to cut off the four sides of the disposable mask. Take out the multiple layers of cotton cloth in the middle of the mask. Fold it in half to a width of 5 cm. Fold it in half again and cut out a triangular template. Use thread to sew one side of the triangle, put the tea leaves in it, and sew the edges. You can reserve the length of the line according to the length of your own water cup. Cut a rectangle with the remaining material of the mask and sew it on the reserved thread. In this way, the tea bag is ready. Making tea is convenient and easy to use. You can do more, put it in a bag, and take it out when you drink tea, which is convenient and quick.

This concludes the sharing of the magical effects of disposable masks. Anqing Sankang Medical Technology produces various masks. Friends in need or interest can contact us at any time.