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Can the mask be reused? Anqing Sankang Medical Technology will tell you.

2021-10-16 11:05:08 0次浏览

Now everyone wears masks when they go out, but sometimes the masks are out of stock. What should I do? Can the mask be used after disinfection? Today, Anqing Sankang Medical Technology will talk to you.

In fact, this is not recommended for everyone, because medical surgical masks and N95 medical protective masks are disposable. There is no authoritative guide to say that disposable masks can be disinfected and reused repeatedly.

The reason why a mask can block bacteria and viruses is mainly based on the filter layer of the mask. The filter layer is made of ultra-fine fibers produced by high-temperature melt blowing, which can effectively block droplets and fine dust, isolate bacteria and viruses, and play a protective role. Masks cannot withstand high temperature, disinfectant or hot water soaking. Repeated disinfection may damage the filter layer of the mask. Make the mask not reach the filtering effect. Then this mask is useless.

The new masks are free of bacteria and viruses because the masks are disinfected with ethylene oxide before they leave the factory. Ethylene oxide is a broad-spectrum bactericide. It is a gas at room temperature and can kill various microorganisms, including spores, tuberculosis bacteria, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. However, ethylene oxide sterilization technology requires specialized equipment, and ordinary people do not have such equipment.

Under extreme conditions, the mask can be reused. Although we say that masks generally need to be replaced every 4 hours in order to achieve a good protective effect. However, this is mainly for medical staff. However, when the supply of masks exceeds supply, medical staff cannot guarantee that they will be replaced with a new one within 4 hours.

Disposable masks, especially N95 protective masks, are effective. Studies have shown that N95 masks can still achieve good protective effects after 48 hours of use. Some studies even claim that in daily life scenarios, the filtration efficiency can reach 90% after 6 days of continuous wear.

So if you just wear a mask to buy food, go to work and other daily life, an N95 mask can be used for about a week. After each use, take it off and place it in a dry and ventilated environment, and then remember to wash your hands.

In other words, masks can be reused, and the following conditions must be met:

1) The mask has no obvious damage; 2) The mask has no obvious deformation and fits well on the face; 3) There is no obvious stain or blood on the surface of the mask; 4) There is no close contact with the patient or suspected patient; 5) After wearing the mask, Breathing is smooth, without difficulty breathing.

The above is the sharing brought by Anqing Sankang Medical Technology. If you want to know more, please pay attention to us!