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Anqing Sankang Medical Technology teaches you how to disinfect masks

2021-10-16 11:06:15 0次浏览

There are many types of masks, and most masks cannot be disinfected and reused. There are only two types of masks suitable for disinfection and reuse: gauze masks and bowl-shaped masks. Today, Anqing Sankang Medical Technology teaches you how to disinfect masks.

1. Clean

Wipe the gauze mask gently with warm water and soap. Don't use too much force, otherwise the gap between the gauze will be too large and the effect of preventing droplets from entering will be lost. Bowl-shaped masks should be gently cleaned with a brush dipped in detergent.

2. Disinfection

The cleaned mask can be soaked in 2% peracetic acid solution for 30 minutes, or sterilized by high-temperature steaming for 15-20 minutes.

Three, dry

The disinfected masks should be placed in a ventilated place to dry for next use.

Other masks, such as disposable masks and N95 masks, are not suitable for repeated use after disinfection. Some people have to ask, what is the disinfection method for disposable masks?

If you must disinfect the mask, never use high-temperature steaming and alcohol spraying. These methods may damage the filter layer and reduce the filtering effect.

It can be disinfected with ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet rays can kill viruses and have no effect on the use of masks. You can also bake it in an oven at 56 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, which can kill the coronavirus. This is the second choice because the filter layer may also be destroyed at 56 degrees Celsius.

Everyone must understand that the effectiveness of the filter layer to block viruses is not endless. When a large number of virus and bacterial particles block the filter layer, wearing a mask will cause breathing problems, and the mask can no longer be used.

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